Posada Colibri


Directions to Posada Colibri

If you’re arriving from the north or driving in from the La Paz airport just stay on the main road, Highway No. 1, curving generally to the left as you drive around the bay until you come into town.  The highway becomes Abasolo (Named for a hero.) and within a mile or so of the edge of town you will come to the waterfront.  We call this “El Malecon” and it is one of the nicest places to be in La Paz.  You might want to linger somewhere along here, but if you keep going along the waterfront about 1.5 miles or 2 kms. from where you first see the beach, you will come to a pink and green chinese hotel called the Hotel Pekin (Peking), at which point you can turn up the hill to your right and then turn left at the first corner, that will be Belizario Dominguez (Also named for a hero.)  Drive 1 ½ blocks and you will find Posada Colibri, a green house with a black wrought iron gate, on the right hand side at Belisario Dominguez No. 750.

Arriving from the South you will be crossing the city from corner to corner.  One of the easiest ways is to stay on the main drag until it ends. As you enter the city this big boulevard is called Forjadores (the Trailblazers).  It changes to Isabel la Catolica a little further on and will take you past the new mall, the state government building and the CCC Supermarket.  The boulevard has now become a one way street with three lanes which are not well marked in places.  Stay in the middle and you’ll do all right. The street becomes a two lane and ends at Morelos Street where it runs into a hill about 10 blocks passed the CCC.  Here you turn left (Don't go up the hill.) and head downhill towards the waterfront.  You’ll see the waterfront and when you get one short block from it turn right on Belisario Dominguez and drive 2.5  blocks.  You will pass the pink and green Hotel Pekin and then the 5 story beige Las Gaviotas Hotel.  In the middle of the next block on the right you will find Posada Colibri at Belisario Dominguez 750, a green house with a black wrought iron gate. 


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